This week we are sharing reflections from east London Christians on the fifth of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, the Institution of the Eucharist.

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The Institution of the Eucharist

For I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you, that the Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayed took a loaf of bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, ‘This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me.’ 

In the same way he took the cup also, after supper, saying, ‘This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.’ 

For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.

1 Corinthians 11.23-26

There is a song that we sing in my language: In the Eucharist, heaven and earth becomes one... We pray for that precious time again.
Nkem Okoli, Catholic Parish of the Holy Family, Dagenham

Nkem explains the significance of praying this mystery at times when it has not been possible to gather in person at Mass.

The pandemic has taught us that we should appreciate what we take for granted. It has taught me a lot as a Christian.
Marian Chery, Catholic Parish of Manor Park

Marian reflects on what she has learnt about the Eucharist in this time of trial, and the experience of Christ in spiritual communion.

Daniel Rosario from the Catholic Parish of Manor Park explains why the Rosary has been so important when it has not been possible to gather physically in church.

Christ personally unites himself with each one of us, but Christ himself is also united with the man and the woman who are next to me. And the bread is for me, but it is also for the other. Thus Christ unites all of us with himself and all of us with one another.

In communion we receive Christ. But Christ is likewise united with my neighbour: Christ and my neighbour are inseparable in the Eucharist. And thus we are all one bread and one body.

A Eucharist without solidarity with others is a Eucharist abused. And here we come to the root and, at the same time, the kernel of the doctrine on the Church as the Body of Christ, of the Risen Christ.

Benedict XVI, December 2008

You are invited to pray the Rosary now.

Hail Mary, full of grace, blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus who instituted the Eucharist.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

If you have not prayed the Rosary before, you can read our introductory page here.

The People's Rosary is a project of the Centre for Theology and Community and De Mazenod Retreat House in east London.

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